Camo To Fit Any Environment

Fatal Flight

Longleaf™ Fatal Flight™   Button_More

Whether your migratory bird, duck or geese hunting location has freshly harvested corn – or your blind location is in this type of environment – Longleaf™ Fatal Flight™ is the perfect camo for you.

Longleaf™ A/T Green™   Button_More

From turkey to early-season bow hunting, this A/T Green™ all-terrain pattern, with all its accessories, will conceal you from literally head to toe.

Longleaf™ A/T Brown™   Button_More

The unique earthy tones and three-dimensional depth of the Longleaf™ A/T Brown™ pattern provide perfect cover, regardless of the terrain.

The Longleaf Camouflage pattern was created and designed by Eddie LeRoy. LeRoy has had a passion for the outdoors from the time he was a young boy, which is reflected in all of his artwork. Eddie can be found at Endless Outdoors or